Why this Book?


Tikun Olam

My goal is and always has been “tikun olam,” healing the world through who we are, how we are, and through what little we might contribute. 

By radiating the infinite love of the Universe through our being, along with our words and actions, we can help heal the world; even if our radiance seems tiny, our deeds apparently insignificant. We never really know the true depth of our impact on others or the world around us.

Habituate kindness. Respect all. Make your life a blessing.

                                                                                             - Richard A. Light 

Thoughts from the Elder


Silence is the basis for Being. Learn to be and you will find your Self. From the silence of your innermost Simple Aware Self, just be. In that being, allow your natural wonder to expand, then explore the world through those eyes.


Wonder is the foundation for gratitude. Through the depth of gratitude one learns about kindness, which is the path to expansion of the heart and the healing of the world in which we live.


Breathe from the center of your Being. 

This is the seat of your power, and the home of the tiny inner voice of guidance that comes from Self. It is the cradle of your love. This is your portal to All That Is.


When you walk alone in the forest, what do you hear? What do you smell? Of what are you aware? Are you aware of Self in addition to the outside world? This is the goal of aloneness.