In a Time of Pandemic, We Need This...


In a Time of Fear, Modern-Day Fable Reminds Us to Live Authentically with Unconditional Kindness


In times of uncertainty, when disinformation and divisiveness abound, easy-to-read books with rich spiritual depth can remind us to live our best and most authentic lives.

What does it mean to be kind? What does it mean to awaken to the beauty and richness available through wonder and gratitude even as innocence is lost? What does it mean to grow from mistakes and to trust in life in the midst of uncertainty?

In his creatively written fable titled Sebastian, author Richard A. Light explores these questions through a young fox who must face life alone, often alienated and misunderstood. Sebastian, who is the runt of the litter, experiences loss and joy, aloneness and growth. Eventually, with the help of an elder, Sebastian finds brilliance at the end of his winding, at times confusing, and adventurous life’s journey. 

Uplifting color photos highlight pivotal moments in Sebastian’s life, revealing how Sebastian’s optimism in the face of aloneness, a near-death experience, and harsh winters allows him to become truly himself even in a world filled with fear, death, and hardship.

Light comments, “I wrote this meaningful adventure story to help others develop their own inner depth, wisdom, strength, joy, and heart; to help them learn to live with authentic unconditional kindness; and to help them find the deep joy of inner peace, expansive awareness, and connection.” 

He adds, “We need books that inspire us to be our best selves more now, in the age of coronavirus, than ever before.”