What would Sebastian do?

How are you being in the world? Do you know your Self? Are you trying to figure out what's important in life, perhaps answer the big questions of who you are, and what is your purpose in life?  Let Sebastian's life story inform yours, uplifting and teaching and guiding through his growth from a young fox into a wise elder.  

As the runt of the litter, Sebastian the fox must face life alone, often alienated and misunderstood, so he seeks inward and with the help of an elder, finds brilliance at the end of the winding, confusing, and adventurous tunnel of life. His optimism in the face of aloneness, a near-death experience, love, and harsh winters allows him to become truly himself in a world filled with fear, death, and hardship. 

Here is a story of life.  It engages us through Sebastian’s spiritual journey and awakens in us the beauty and richness available through wonder and the growing heart-space of gratitude.  We learn about innocence, loss, and joy, along with aloneness and growth in inner silence and awareness, facing death, and finally, what it means to be kind.  It is an exploration of consciousness. This is an odyssey we each must make.  This book provides an opening for those who are willing to love.  An opportunity worth taking. 

This is a book that is part autobiography, part ethical will, and part fiction. It is a personal account of life, learning, spiritual awakening, and ultimately facing life's biggest questions. Based on impactful events in the author's life, it has the authenticity of personal experience combined with the adventure of a novella.

With over 75 full-color photographs of pristine wilderness, this book is lovely to experience and beautifully written. It offers hope for a future based on mutual respect and kindness, a path to healing our world.

What People Are Saying About Sebastian

I just finished reading Sebastian and found it utterly wonderful.  Your writing style is easy to read, friendly and frequently quite masterful.  The teachings are woven into the story easily and your love of humanity and nature come through strongly. Congratulations!  It reads like a classic.  

                                                                         - Lee Lyon, Meditation Instructor